Innovative biological pesticides: Klick&GO REFILL

Automatic, practical, safe – Klick&GO REFILL enables the safe and practical handling of biological pesticides, and is even environmentally sound.

The innovative applicator system enables the safe and simple handling of biological pesticides. In the mixing chamber (with the aid of a fitting applicator head), the selected agent for spraying is then automatically dispensed in the exact amount for immediate use - this feature renders individual mixing and the disposal of residual amounts completely unnecessary. The respective biological pesticide used can be stored safely and easily in the Klick&GO REFILL cartridge, can be re-filled at any time - and then used "to the last drop". The successive use of different biological pesticides is also possible as a matter of course - simply rinse the system (see Details&Function), click a new cartridge - and you can get back to work.

Only the application of the respective active ingredient in an appropriate amount guarantees the result that the user anticipates when applying biological pesticides. With Klick&GO REFILL, you can be certain that you always apply the right mixture in the right amount. This avoids damage to plants due to overdosing - or insufficient efficacy due to under-feeding.

Just the right amount - with one click

In just three easy steps, the Klick&GO REFILL is ready for use.

Add water

Add water

Fill the GLORIA Pressurised Spray Device with clear water.

Insert cartridge

Click the cartridge

Attach the Klick&GO REFILL Cartridge along with the respective biological pesticide of your choice as well as the fitting applicator to the mixing head.

Perfect Mix

Perfect amount for immediate use

Now, you're ready! The system always guarantees you the right mixture of water and concentrate.

Practical and safe – also after use

The receptacle still contains only clear water, even after use. With Klick&GO REFILL, the unnecessary spraying of residue mixtures - or their disposal by costly and time-consuming means - are a thing of the past. The cartridges which still contain a certain amount of biological pesticide are also safely locked away - and can be conveniently stored until the next use.

Details & Function

In the Klick&GO REFILL System, a mixing head is attached between the quick-close valve and the device's spray tube. A REFILL cartridge containing the biological pesticide installation concentrate is attached to the mixing head by clicking the parts together. Only upon spraying is the biological pesticide mixed with the clear water from the receptacle. Then, the selected applicator prepares the respective amount by fully-automatic components - whereby excessive or insufficient application is ruled out.


You can use different spray agents successively without having to empty the receptacle on the spray devices. Simply add the biological pesticide to a new Klick&GO cartridge, select the fitting applicator from the accompanying table of agents, attach it by clicking the parts together - and you're ready to get back to work.


A knob enables the simple operation of the system. You select one of the three functions: MIX (for spraying), CLEAN (for cleaning the spray arm with water) or CHANGE (change cartridge) to prepare, use and clean the system.


If the system is set to CLEAN, then the valve no longer releases any concentrate, and after rinsing for approx. 30 seconds, all that is left in the entire system is pure water.

Suitable biological pesticide agents

The Klick&GO REFILL System is suitable for many standard biological pesticides. Please refer to the current overview included in the PDF document available for download on this page. The currently-available agents and the respectively colour-coded applicator are indicated in this list.

Would you like to use an agent in a specific area?

No problem - under the flag "Biological Pesticides" in the head runner, you can simply and conveniently find the appropriate biological pesticide by selecting the respective criteria from the search filter.

Is a particular biological pesticide unavailable?

We are further developing the Klick&GO REFILL System on a daily basis - and thereby constantly expanding the list of available agents. Come back in a few weeks to take another look at the list - by then, we will have surely added some new preparations.

Proper use of the biological pesticide agent:

Place the funnel onto the cartridge and pour the respective agent
Add the agent to the cartridge
Select the fitting applicator

Compatible with many GLORIA Spray Devices

The Klick&GO REFILL System can be conveniently retrofitted for many GLORIA Pressurised and High-Performance Sprayer and for all piston knapsack sprayers.

Pressurised Sprayer


GLORIA Prima 3, Prima 5, Prima 5 PLUS, Prima 5 Comfort, Primex 5, Prima 8, Hobby Exclusiv + Hobby Universal

High-Performance Sprayer


GLORIA 405 T, 410 T, 505 T + 510 T

Piston knapsack sprayer


GLORIA Hobby 1200, Hobby 1800, Pro 1300, Pro 1800, 2012, 2016 + 2018


You will find a detailed overview under them item "Klick&GO Product Line".