To enable you to benefit from the quality our devices in the long term, GLORIA offers you a 10-year service and spare-parts guarantee on the Klick&GO REFILL System.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Where can I purchase items for the Klick&GO REFILL System and/or from this product line?


You can purchase all items in the Klick&GO REFILL product line on this homepage. Simply click the flag "Buy", select the desired item - and pay conveniently via direct debit or PayPal.

Which biological pesticide is suitable for the Klick&GO REFILL?


An exact listing of all currently available biological pesticides can be found in the category "Biological Pesticides". Here, you can conveniently filter your search by manufacturer,agent name or applicator head - and immediately see which agent is available.

You are seeking a biological pesticide which is not included in the Klick&GO REFILL listing?


We are working day by day on the expansion of the selection of available biological pesticides for the Klick&GO REFILL System. As soon as an additional agent can be used with our system, our list will be supplemented immediately. Come back to our page now and then to see whether the agent you are seeking has been added. For best results, orient your search to the update status of the respective list (which includes the current date) in order to determine whether any changes have been made.

You can certainly also phone our Service Hotline (+49 (0) 180 / 55 899 09, 14 Cent/min. for calls from a German landline) to find out whether the agent you are seeking will be available in the near future.

Can I also use any biological pesticides which are not included in your list?


No - we hereby take this opportunity to expressly advise you that only those biological pesticides indicated in our list may be used with the Klick&GO REFILL System.

How should I store the biological pesticide cartridges?


After one use, the opened Klick&GO REFILL cartridge can be conveniently stored until the next use. The cartridge is safely closed when the applicator is attached; this means that you can avoid skin contact at all times. Please only store the cartridges when the applicator is attached - and only use the designated (colour-coded) applicator for the respective biological pesticide and cartridge.

Nevertheless, please store filled and opened cartridges (as well as the respective open biological pesticide) out of reach of children and pets at all times.

Can I simply open an applicator and use it for some other biological pesticide?


Please only use the designated (colour-coded) applicator for the respective biological pesticide - and leave it attached to the cartridge - in order to guarantee safe storage of the opened biological pesticide.

I need a new applicator – where can I purchase it?


You can purchase replacement cartridges (incl. applicator) on this page, in the category "Buy".

My device is no longer working properly, or it is damaged – where do I find the fitting spare parts?


You will find spare parts for all GLORIA products in the Online Shop. As an alternative, please contact our Service Hotline: +49 (0) 180 / 55 899 09, 14 Cent/min. for calls from a German landline).

Where do I find the Quick Reference Guide and safety instructions for the Klick&GO REFILL System?


You will find the Operating Instructions (incl. safety instructions and all necessary information as a package insert upon delivery of the device - and online, as a download:


KLICK&GO REFILL Operating Instructions


Find a Dealer

You will find the Klick&GO REFILL System at all dealers who carry the GLORIA product line. Simply enter your postcode to the respective search field - and you will see a listing of markets near you.


Any authorised dealer will gladly assist you in ordering a refill set or replacement cartridges and applicator heads for existing Klick&GO systems.

Order Spare Parts

You are seeking a spare part for your Klick&GO REFILL System or Pressurised Spray Device? Please visit our Online Shop to order the desired item.


As an alternative, you can certainly phone the GLORIA Service Hotline at any time:


Tel.: +49 (0) 180 / 55 899 09 (14 Cent/min. for calls from a German landline)

Fax: +49 (0) 2302 / 700-54