Quality, handling and design set Gloria Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH products apart from others. For the past 70 years, the company has consistently relied on innovative technologies - and implemented these in top-quality products The product portfolio ranges from spray devices for home and garden use to high-performance spray devices for industrial applications, along with selected gardening products.

Founded 1945 in Gütersloh, this company served as a subsidiary of the Gloria GmbH, Wadersloh until 2005, when it merged with the company Brill Gartengeräte GmbH. Since 1 October 2009, the leading manufacturer of spray devices has been doing business autonomously. This experience has been a source of well-founded expertise in the development of top-quality spray devices. The Logistics, Production, Engineering, Service and Administrative Divisions are based at headquarters in Witten-Herbede; the Orders Processing, Distribution and Marketing Divisions are based in the Neu-Ulm branch office.


The GLORIA Product line is based on decades of tradition and experience. Our product engineering and development processes revolve around users' suggestions/ideas and needs. The result of this approach: reliable and high-performance products which set standards in terms of user-friendliness and ergonomics. Only top-quality materials are used in the manufacturing process.


The production conditions are characterised by installations featuring state-of-the-art technology, along with experienced personnel in the Production Division and regular Quality Assurance inspections. The higher-end models featured in the GLORIA product line are produced solely in Germany. After all, "Made in Germany" has remained synonymous for the highest quality standard - and we adhere to this standard.


GLORIA products are manufactured according to the guidelines set forth by the quality norm DIN ISO 9001. That means consistent quality of our products and services in the long term. Numerous awards from independent institutions serve as proof of the outstanding safety standards and the compliance with current guidelines - and of the exemplary design our Products.


To enable our customers to benefit from the quality of the devices in the long term, we offer a 10-year service and spare-parts guarantee on all products from the following product line.


GLORIA Quality – more than just a word!


With the Hobby 05 and 10 hand sprayers, GLORIA has been offering faithful helpers for plant care on the balcony or terrace for many years. They convince with their ergonomic operation, their high efficiency at work and their high-quality workmanship. For the 2019 garden season, GLORIA added one more feature. The sprayers become the Hobby 05 and 10 FLEX. GLORIA additionally equips both units with a flexible riser pipe, so that spraying on the head is now possible.

GLORIA expands its range of foam sprayers for vehicle cleaning. With the new 3 L compact class FoamMaster FM 30, car lovers now have a handy spraying device at their side, which can be ideally taken to the nearest car wash and effectively performs its service.In addition, GLORIA offers the TOP FOAM Auto-Shampoo, a highly effective special shampoo with an extra high degree of foaming, which easily removes dirt and insect remains and gives the vehicle a fresh shine.


GLORIA is expanding its range of products for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces around the house and, for the first time in the company's history, is launching three of its own cleaning agents onto the market.

With the new FoamMaster FM 10 FLEX foam sprayer, GLORIA also provides its customers with a practical helper for surface cleaning. The sprayer transforms cleaning agents into effective foam, which acts intensively and reinforces the cleaning result even further.


70 years "The Original" - GLORIA Haus- und Gartengeräte GmbH celebrates its anniversary and presents itself with gifts. The market launch of the BrushSystem, four practical surface brushes for cleaning and caring for various surfaces around the house, develops into the most successful product launch in the company's history.In addition, GLORIA is constantly expanding existing products in order to guarantee its customers maximum innovation and progress. Numerous high-performance sprayers and back sprayers are equipped with a pressure regulator with which the desired operating pressure can be easily set. The regulator closes when the pressure drops below the set value. A constant output rate at the nozzle is guaranteed.


With the Extreme and Performance product line, GLORIA offers five new experts for the application of degreasing media as well as acidic, alkaline and alkaline spray media. All devices are, among other things, resistant to oil-containing media.For the first time in the company's history, the FoodMaster F12 is also being launched on the market as a spraying device for use in companies that work with food on a daily basis. The 1.25 litre pressure sprayer has been tested and approved for use in the food processing industry. With its special seals, the sprayer is suitable, among other things, for dispensing foodstuffs such as oils and oily media.


The GLORIA MultiBrush is a comfortable electric brush for cleaning and treating various stone and wood surfaces. It can also be used as a practical joint brush. And all this practically with a single device.


GLORIA offers a new, practical and environmentally friendly way of weed removal - the Thermoflamm bio Electro removes annoying weeds and rank growth with a heat ray of up to 650° degree.

With the new Klick&GO REFILL System, GLORIA enables its customers to handle pesticides safely. Between valve and spray lance there is a mixing head to which a cartridge containing the plant protection agent is attached. When spraying, the plant protection agent mixes with the clear water from the tank. The agent is dosed exactly and automatically.


GLORIA presents the pressure sprayer prima 3, the new compact sprayer for small gardens.

Furthermore the new hand sprayer AutoPump Mini is available as of March.
The fine sprayer with 1-litre filling capacity features a small pump that transports the fluid from the nozzle after tapping a button. And the integrated LED light in the spray nozzle provides additional functionality.

GLORIA presents a new product range which provides more comfort during plant care: the cordless electric AutoPump and the connection valve for external compressors.

With the GROW design hand spayers GLORIA offers some consummate models with dual use: spraying and watering.

With the new pressure spray device Spray&Paint GLORIA offers a convenient answer to colour large surfaces and difficult to access places. The new system is suitable for the use of environmentally-friendly sprayable wood preservation oils and glazes.

A new pressure sprayer  Hobby 125 with 1.25 l filling capacity was launched.

Market launch of the new high perfomance sprayers

Amalgamation of the BRILL and GLORIA brands to create an extensive range of products for home and garden

Acquired by Brill Gartengeräte GmbH, Witten/ Neu-Ulm

Market launch of the first GLORIA hand-held spray


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